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refers to it as Alterniasia. Snape and the Teletubbies. Understandable when you consider the comics versions of Cap and Iron Man, who share considerable moments of Ho Yay together (they're even the page image for it). (She reads lips.) Meaningful Name : Meulin sounds like "mewling". Dwayne Schneider on One Day at a Time.

Cronus, ampora eridan, ampora Karkat is dating someone He'd never had luck dating one. Eridan, ampora/Gamzee Makara, cronus, ampora/Kankri Vantas Karkat is dating someone. Eridan, ampora/Karkat Vantas, cronus, ampora/Kankri Vantas, eridan, ampora, cronus, ampora and Rarity who have been dating in secret for months.

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The Griffin is considered the mortal enemy of horses, and in fact preys on them. Hussie refers to him as Mega Man Sollux in an Easter Egg of the third Meenahbound segment. Villainous Breakdown : She loses her goddamn mind after the Condesce ruins her plans. This seemed to be the end of their story, until a pair of deceased Troll girls started appearing in dream bubbles. Large Ham : He's pretty dramatic when you think about. Pv P 's Robbie had all the standard cheesy pick-up lines and zero success with women in his earlier strips. Think Happy Thoughts : He is initially encouraged to, though he ends up weirding people out instead. Given that he seems to understand what she's saying, it's quite possible that a lot of her relative friendliness towards him is simply because she can't mess with him as well as she can the others. Ariel (yes, the Disney mermaid) and Thrax (yes, the deadly virus from Osmosis Jones ) have been paired together. Gamzee Makara Edit Kurloz has been shown to have entered a dark alliance with his dancestor Gamzee. Exposition : She will pay you to let her make an exposition dump. Later, Kris takes this role from Collin once the later cleans up his act.

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