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Egmundani record the death in 1151 of " Theodericusfilius Theoderici comitis et Sophi cognomento Peregrinus specifying that he was 12 years old 398. . The identity of Adas Brandenburg husband is difficult to establish with complete certainty. . The accuracy of this source is unknown. . The Brevi Historia Comitum Provinci records the death " circa 1110 " of " Gilberto comite Provinci " and that he was survived by his widow " Tiburgiacomitissa " and " Dulcia unica filia " 351. . JohannRegin comitissque Burgundi Palatin ac Domin Salinarum " 373. . Her marriage is confirmed by the charter dated under which her daughter " Ema comitissa filia Rotboldi comitis et Hermengard uxoris eius, matris me " donated property " ex hereditatein comitatu Forojuliensi in castroFavart " to the priory of Courrenz (in Provence) 182. . M beatrix de la Tour-du-Pin, daughter albert III Seigneur de la Tour-du-Pin his wife Beatrix de Coligny (before 1240-after ). . A second testament of " Agnetis domin Fuciniaci conjugis Petri de Sabaudia " dated elects her burial " in ecclesia Contamin and appoints " Beatricem filiam suam uxorem Guigonis Dalphini, Vienn. Clariuss Chronicon Sancti Petri Vivi Senonensis records the death in 1094 of Berta regina, qu a rege Philippo prius fuerat derelicta 360. Marcellin (-after 23 Feb 780).

Mistress (2) : cornelia Jacobsdochter, daughter of jacob. Europäische Stammtafeln 250 shows a single marriage of Comte Amde III, to Mathilde d'Albon, in 1123. . His parentage is shown in Europäische Stammtafeln 809, but the primary source which confirms this has not yet been identified. . Regino records that " Hludowicus filius Bosonis " expelled " Berengarium " from Italy in 905. . Floris V Count of Holland betrothed " Margaretam filiam nostram " to domino gi mino Alfonso eius filio by charter dated 594. . " Theodericus comes et uxor sua Hildegardis " donated " in villa Haleftra in pago Mempesco sita " to Saint-Pierre de Gand by charter dated 2 Oct 974 252. .

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The Chronologia Johannes de Beke names (in order) " Theodricum et Florenciumet Machtildim " as children of Count Floris his wife 336. . Rikarde (-, bur Camp). . Mari de Baucio Dalph. Guigues V his wife had four children: a) guigues VI (1090/1100-killed in battle La Buissire, bur Notre Dame de Grenoble). . The name Ratbod also suggests descent from Radbod Duke of Frisia. Floris "de Zwarte" (1115-killed in battle Utrecht, bur Rijnsburg Monastery). . Mermet says that Guillaume I le Grand Comte de Bourgogne (who died in 1087, see Chapter 1 in the present document whom he calls comte de Vienne, de Bourgogne et de Mcon, sire de Salins, rgnait presquen matre absolu dans notre cit. . If the dates of the 863/867 grants are correct, this would be consistent with the grantee being Gerulf's father, whose name is not otherwise known. . The Chronologia Johannes de Beke names (in order) " Florencium Hollandie comitem, Ottonem Traiectensem pontificem, Wilhelmum presidium, Adam abbatissan Rinesburgensem et Richardimmonialem " as the children of Count Willem his first wife 554. . M girbert Vicomte de Gvaudan, de Millau et de Carlat (part son of berenger II Vicomte de Gvaudan et de Millau his wife Adela Vicomtesse de Carlat (-1110/Feb 1112). . If the witness " Vuigonis comitis " was Guigues III, which is likely, the donor Fredeburge would have been extremely old if she had been his paternal grandmother. . The Annales Egmundani name " filios pusillos Theodericum, Florentium, Simonem " as the three sons of " Florentius crassus comes filius Theoderici " his wife Petronilla 426. .